The Parents

The Parents

The input of all of our parents and carers is hugely valued within all Cosmic Coppers Nurseries. We actively encourage participation on as many levels as possible.

parent visits at cosmic coppersDebbie and Ross (the owners of Cosmic Coppers) started the journey for Cosmic Coppers through a desire to provide a nursery that reflected their desires for their son. The whole ethos of Cosmic Coppers has been evolved from that simple but very important need. It is because of this that we recognise the input parents and carers have to make in our nurseries. We strive to provide a service which reflects the needs and wishes of the parents or carers for our children.

We seek feedback, positive or negative, from as many channels as possible and we actively pursue ways to gather opinion from our parents and carers. What’s more, we celebrate it because if we can make even the smallest changes to improve the level of care we provide then we jump at the chance. By celebrating input and the changes made as a result, we encourage our parents and carers to take an active role in how the nursery performs.

From parents evenings to 1-2-1 meetings with key-workers, there are many ways for our parents to become involved in the nursery and learn about their child’s progress or raise any thoughts they may have on their child’s progress.

We actually exploit our parents in their day jobs wherever we can as it is always good for the kids to learn about what some mums, dads, grandpas and grandmas may do. Whether it’s a police officer, a bus driver or doctor we like to involve our parents in nursery life.

We hold special open evenings for our parents so that everyone can experience the type of things we get up to each day. These evenings give anybody related to any of the kids in our care the chance to have a sing-along to learn new songs, actually do some of the activities we do during the day or simply chat to members of the team about their child.

The whole experience helps parents or carers, should they wish, to mirror some of the things we do in the nursery during the day but it also lets us learn as well – some of our interesting activities have been suggested by our parents and carers and we like nothing better than to incorporate this into nursery life.